Awards & Recognitions

Through AlbChrome, the Albanian ferrochrome is currently exported to 52 different countries worldwide. Albchrome's main market remains Europe, where the most developed industrial countries have the biggest share in importing this product from our country.

What is even more important is that Albanian chrome is well-ranked in the group of countries with the highest quality in the world for this mineral. Along with Albania, countries such as Sweden, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Russia are also on the list.

To this end came Afarak Group, a group with activity in the mining and chrome manufacturing sector, specialized in Southern Europe and South Africa. The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (AFAGR) and London Stock Exchange (AFRK).

The entry of the Albanian ferrochrome into the Japanese market is to be emphasized, because it is very difficult to penetrate that market, and it is even more difficult to maintain the position due to too high standard and quality demands.

But Albchrome has succeeded in creating a very serious reputation in the world today, talking about the industry where it operates, as the company is known as a sustainable, high quality, and absolutely credible manufacturer.

The Metalbulletin magazine has listed AlbChrome as one of the top five Ferro-Chrome manufacturers in the world. This UK-based magazine is the largest magazine and specialized in publishing information on transactions, prices, and achievements in the metal industry, including Ferro-Chrome.

AlbChrome is part of the International Chromium Development Association. The only international organization for Chromium in all its forms, created in 1984 and based in Paris, France, the ICDA is a non-profit association that promotes the value and sustainability of chromium and represents the Chromium Industry worldwide, through communication, forums, and R&D projects. Being a member of ICDA, helped AlbChrome experts to participate in a renowned network and, in addition, to have key market information through ICDA reports and conferences that helped AlbChrome in its medium and long-term strategies. AlbChrome’s membership in this association is one of the most important events in the company. In April 2016, AlbChrome hosted the Member’s Meeting 2016 in Tirana.

Workplace Safety

AlbChrome undoubtedly puts employee safety first. This was also evidenced by the report of the well-known American Predictive Safety Mine Audit Company in 2019. At the end of their audit, the seriousness of the work done these 6 years by AlbChrome in the Bulqiza mine was certified, where security investments have been increasing continuously year to year.

Safety measures regularly taken by AlbChrome for its employees may include: 1. The establishment of an Occupational Safety Officer in each unit; 2. Daily safety inspections are performed by a team of experts based on a specific schedule; 3. Annual plan for training and communication of occupational safety regulations; 4. Strict discipline at work, daily checks for alcohol consumption by staff, and immediate measures for any violation of technical safety regulations; 5. Professional course for safety at work, every mine worker completes a training course before starting work.

Occupational Safety Figures

Since 2013, the number of accidents at work has significantly decreased;

More than $ 2 million in investments have been made to improve technical security conditions;

On average, 6 detailed inspections per week are performed in each unit regarding the implementation of the technical security regulation.

The company today has more than 1.100 employees, located in the Chrome Mine in Bulqiza, the Ferrochrome Plant in Burrel, the Ferrochrome Plant in Elbasan, and the headquarters in Tirana.