Facts and Figures


Yılmaden Holding was founded in 2014, for consolidating Yıldırım Group’s metals and mining subsidiaries under one roof. The company, a fast-growing industrial conglomerate, is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Yılmaden Holding is one of the global leaders in high-quality high carbon ferrochrome production, as well as high-quality chromite ore mining. The focus of Holding is on exploring, mining, and processing mineral resources with minimal impact on the environment. These aspects make Yılmaden Holding and YILDIRIM Group of Companies, capable and trustworthy partners.

Yılmaden Holding works together across 9 business units located in 8 countries with the vision of creating prosperity and value by combining subsoil resources with their extensive processing know-how. The countries Yılmaden comprises are; Turkey, the USA, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, and Uzbekistan. The companies Yılmaden owns are: Eti Krom, Yılkrom, Vargön Alloys, Voskhod Chrome, Tikhvin Ferroalloy, Bear Mettalyrgical, DTK Exploration Company (5JV’s), Midural and AlbChrome.

Together, these subsidiaries make Yılmaden the 4th major player in the global chromium industry as well as the only company to produce chrome ore and high-quality high-carbon ferrochrome in 5 different countries, in order to hedge risks for its long-term customers around the world. Also, with the participation of AlbChrome, Yılmaden produces Albania's largest chrome ore and high carbon ferrochrome.

Yılmaden Holding continues to hunt for international opportunities and investments to bring about value in otherwise hidden circumstances. Yılmaden Holding has a very distinguished, well-recognized, and earned reputation for turning around the companies and cross-border acquisitions. In addition, the value creation has been recognized by the local host countries and governments.


Yılmaden Holding:

Is the only company to produce HC FeCr in 5 countries!

Is the 4th major player in the global chromium Industry.

Exports to more than 100 countries.

Consolidated 2.5 million tons of annual chrome ore production capacity in 2021!

Has 301 km2 operational licenses and 2530 km2 explorational licenses.

Is the World’s 2nd largest high-quality HC FeCr producer!

Consolidated 650.000 tons of annual HC FeCr production capacity.

Has 16 furnaces.