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Elementis Chromium History

Elementis chromium chemicals, which are used in such areas as leather tanning, timber treatment, metal alloys and finishing, and ceramics, decorative paints and other coatings, and cosmetics. The firm adopted the Elementis name only in 1998, but the company history begins in 1844 with the formation of Harrisons & Crosfield (H & C), which eventually developed into a large conglomerate. The fortunes of H & C were closely linked to Britain's position in the international marketplace, and its history was molded by a succession of strong personalities.

In late 1990, Elementis chromium chemicals was the world leader; pigments; specialties, which included Rheox and other businesses, such as performance polymers and zinc products; Linatex, maker of abrasion-resistant rubber; and Harcros Chemicals, a U.S. chemical distributor. Late in 1998 Turcan, having shepherded H& C through its transformation into Elementis but not having a chemicals background, was replaced as chief executive by Lyndon Cole, who had been an executive at GE Plastics, a division of the U.S. giant General Electric Company. Sales from continuing operations for 1998 totaled £534.2 million ($850 million).

In April 2022, Elementis undergone strategic review of their Chromium business and essentially put Chromium division up for sale that year. In November 2022, Elementis agreed to sell its Chromium business to Yildirim Group for an enterprise value of US$170m.