Mission, Vision & Values


Contributing to the economic development by efficiently and responsibly utilizing the mineral wealth of the Balkans and Europe. 


To deliver sustainable growth in the mineral and metal business within Europe, by utilizing natural resources respectfully to the environment.


We are placing the health and safety of our stakeholders at the forefront, in an environmentally sensitive manner; as well as providing optimum quality products to our customers, while ensuring sustainability. 

In line with this goal; we are focusing on optimizing our processes and increasing our operational efficiency; to maintain: competitiveness, agility, efficiency, innovativeness, and our leadership position.


Ø HSESR drives our development: By ensuring the full participation of our stakeholders in our processes, we act with a team spirit towards achieving excellence. We comply with all necessary national and international standards to have a positive impact on society and our stakeholders in order to protect the natural world. 

Ø Striving for excellence: We make great efforts to minimize human error and to achieve the best in our processes by eliminating potential risks.

Ø Investing in Human Capital and high team Spirit: By prioritizing the personal development of our employees, who are our main resource, we provide every opportunity for them to be the best.

Ø  Accountability: We encourage and motivate people to take responsibility for actions with justification and support them to create value. 

Ø Customer Orientation: As a solution partner focused on the needs of our customers, we give them the utmost care in order to establish solid and transparent business relationships all over the world.