Ferro-Chrome is an alloy of chromium and iron containing between 50% and 70% chromium. The ferrochrome is produced by electric arc melting of chromites and chromium ore. Most of the world’s Ferro-Chrome is produced in South Africa, Kazakhstan and India, which have large domestic chromite resources. Ferrochrome is used as raw material in steel industry. Especially high carbon ferrochrome is used for production of stainless steel with a chromium content of between 10 and 20%.

Ferro-Chrome with chrome content below 56% is known as ‘charge chrome’ and produced from a chrome containing ore with lower chrome content. Alternatively, High Carbon Ferro-Chrome produced from higher grade ore, is more commonly used in specialist applications such as engineering steels high on Cr content and low on impurities such as silicon, phosphorus and titanium.

AlbChrome typical view of ferrochrome High Carbon composition is:

Chrome (typical):     68%- min 65%
Carbon (typical):     8% max
Silicon (typical):     1.5%
Sulphur (typical):     0.05%
Low Phosphorous (typical):     0.015-0.03 %
Titanium (typical):     0.02-0.03%

Ferrochrome High Carbon is exported in the most industrially developed countries, in Europe and wider such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India etc. The product is sold in fractions, crushed according to the market needs. The most wanted fractions for the time being are: 10-50mm, 50-80mm but an escalating market need has risen for the 5-10mm fraction, as well.

Albchrome shpk produces Ferrochrome high carbon with low phosphorus, low silicon, low titanium and is along with Swedish producers the most specialized high carbon ferrochrome producer in the world. High Carbon Ferrochrome produced by Albchrome can be offered based on customer needs also in differen quality grade such Silicon 0.5% max and 0.8% max and 1.5% max,

Low Phosphorous is offered at 0.015%max. Ultra low phosphorous or Super Ultra Low Phosphorous can be offered with P content 0.012% max and 0.010% max (typical 0.007-0.008%).

Other elements such as low Titanium typical 0.005%, vanadium and other chemical elements make ALBCHROME products the most demanded product for European, Japanese and US producers of special stainless steel.