Company Profile

AlbChrome is a leading company in the region in the mining industry, the largest chrome ore and ferrochrome producer in Albania. 

AlbChrome is part of Yılmaden Holding, a subsidiary of YILDIRIM GROUP of Companies and one of the global leaders in high-quality high carbon ferrochrome production, as well as high-quality chromite ore mining, a conglomerate based in Istanbul, Turkey. Yılmaden’s focus is on exploring, mining, and processing mineral resources with minimal impact on the environment. The Holding is currently comprised of 10 companies, including AlbChrome, in 8 countries: Turkey, the USA, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Kosovo, and Albania. 

For more than 20 years now, AlbChrome institutes one of the largest European chrome-rich resource management companies. Assets of the Company are Chrome ore Mines, Metallurgic Plants, Processing and Enrichment Factories, Chrome Concentrate Factory, and other mining and metallurgy infrastructure elements, as a big part of the heavy industry facilities in Albania.

Actually, the final worldwide traded product is Ferrochrome high carbon and also chromite ore. Ferrochrome high carbon is produced in Elbasan and Burrel Plants in Albania, each operating with two furnaces. 

AlbChrome is exerting its activity on these assets, for more than 20 years now and the technical and administrative staff we have is based on an over 40 years of experience in project and design, development and exploitation, exploration and interpretation of the geological environment, and all processing technologies, successfully implemented in the best companies of the world. 

AlbChrome is part of the International Chromium Development Association – ICDA.